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Titanic Scavenger Hunt

Explore the website links below to learn more about the Titanic.  Please remember to write in complete sentences.

To answer Questions 1-2, use site:

  1. The Carpathia is the ship that arrived on the scene 1 hour and 20 minutes after the Titanic sank. However, there was another ship, the Californian, that was only 20 miles away. If the Californian had their radio on and had known the Titanic needed help, how would this have changed the outcome?

  2. What are three rules that the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea began to require, for each ship, because of the sinking of the Titanic?

To answer Questions 3-4, use site:

3.  After reading “The Story”, the first lifeboat left with 12 people aboard and it could have held 40. Why do you think they did not fill up the lifeboat?

4.  After reading “F.A.Q.” what are three reasons that those driving the Titanic did not see the iceberg?

To answer Question 5,

use site:

5.  After researching on this site, justify the reason it took so long to build the Titanic.

To answer Question 6, use site:

6.  Read question No. 16 that discusses what the passengers ate depending on what class they were in. Pretend that you are going on a cruise ship and you will be in first class. This means you will be having an 8 course meal. Describe your 8 course meal.

To answer question 7, use site:

7.  Why do you think the women and children were given first priority to the life boats?

To answer question 8-10, use site:

8.  Scientist, Robert Ballard, had the dream since he was a boy of finding the Titanic. State in your own words how Mr. Ballard made his dream come true.

9.  How many years have passed from the time that the Titanic sank to the time that Dr. Ballard discovered the Titanic? Explain how you found your answer.

10. Imagine that you were a passenger aboard the Titanic and you have just learned that the ship is sinking. Write a paragraph telling what you would do to try to survive.

To answer question 11, use site:

11.  The Titanic was given nicknames such as “The Unsinkable Ship”, “The Wonder Ship”, and “The Millionare’s Special”. Why do you think the ship was given these nicknames? What is a nickname you would like to give the Titanic?

To answer Question 12, use site:

12. The last survivor of the Titanic, Millvina Dean, died at age 97. She was on board the Titanic in third class with her mother, father and brother. What did her father do to help Millvina, her mother, and brother to survive?

To answer Question 13, use site:

13. Using the chart on this site, explain why more people survived in first class than third class.

To answer Question 14, use site:

14. If the chef were to add up, in pounds (lbs.), the fresh eggs, sausages, bacon, and ham what would the overall total be?

To answer Question 15, use site:

15. Robert Ballard used a submersible robotic device called Jason to help him find the Titanic. Because of his Titanic adventure, Dr. Ballard received an abundance of mail from children. Thus, he founded the “Jason foundation for Education” in 1989. What was the purpose of this foundation and why did Dr. Ballard create it?

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